December 19, 2017

Facebook Marketing – Basic Packaging

Social Media - Facebook Basic Package

Our “Facebook Marketing Basic Package” is our most affordable packaging deal in addition we have designed this package so that you spend less and receive great value.

Basic Packaging table

Benefits of packaging?

  • All in one packaging presents you with a variety of extras, as a result you will experience great value.
  • Packaging makes it easier for you to understand exactly what’s involved from the beginning as well as ensuring you knowing what your in for.
  • We will ensure your marketing manager understands his duties therefor enabling accurate, quality servicing.

Packaging results

Packaging will get you results

You will experience significant improvements to your Facebook page performance due to your post performances. We will create extremely targeted posts, more importantly your posts will be designed relevant to your business, customer audience and industry. All posts created by our professionals stay on your page as a result you can use them in future to facilitate ads boosting. The marketing objectives that we consider when carrying out the Facebook Basic Package can include;

  • Improve business awareness.
  • Increase post engagement.
  • Grow page likes.
  • Recover page performance.
  • Restore brand performance.
  • Maintain competitive edge.
  • Build and maintain online community.

We are qualified marketing specialists

Indigenous business professional

Mervyn John Fernando is our marketing director as well as Indigenous Facebook package facilitator.

He is a 2017 graduate with Latrobe university in addition completing an undergraduate degree in business, majoring in marketing. Mervyn has built up many skills in the marketing industry, formally he was working as part of a communication team while in the public sector.

Merv’s current skill set

  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Facebook Advanced Advertising.
  • SEO research and implementation.
  • Fundamentals of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and photoshop.
  • Website development.
  • Blogging.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Creativity.

Who are our customers?

“Our customers are Small Indigenous business owners as well as Indigenous program coordinators in Australia”


Enquire Now!

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Feel free to give us packaging advice for future reference

At Claystone we have considerable respect for Indigenous people, above all we encourage Indigenous people to have a voice. If you would like to provide us with any feedback regarding our packaging, please feel free to email us, as a result you would be contributing to the advancement of our Indigenous business people.