August 9, 2017

About us

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We are new to the market and reaching out to all Indigenous people in business, most noteworthy our primary goal is to support Indigenous economic growth. Indigenous people in the marketing field is a rare phenomena thus it is with our privilege to bring you Claystone Marketing. Claystone Marketing is an Indigenous small business marketing agency, servicing the Indigenous small business market in Australia. The central theme of our companies website is to share a broad range of business and marketing related resources with our Indigenous small business community. More importantly, our content is FREE to consume and exists solely with the purpose to develop and grow Indigenous people in business.

Facts about our industry

“In 2006 the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimated that there were around 7,000 self-employed Indigenous Australians who operate their own small business. This was around 6% of the total population of indigenous Australians and compares to the non-indigenous community where around 17% of the population own and operate a small business. The number of self-employed people of Indigenous background has reportedly grown to around 12,500 in the past seven years suggesting that the spirit of entrepreneurship is growing amongst the Aboriginal community.”

A growing concern facing Indigenous people in business

Social media marketing is possibly the most popular marketing concept ever made, for that reason the majority of people as well as businesses have converted to its use. Its popularity is know surprise due to the many platforms, features and tools available for all types of users. The problem is that because social media is evolving at such excessive rates, most people as well as businesses are finding it difficult to keep up.

Our solution

Social Media - Facebook Advanced Advertising Package        Social Media - Facebook Basic Package

We have found that Indigenous businesses need experts in the field of marketing, more specifically social media marketing. For this reason Claystone have designed two unique and specific Facebook Marketing packages. The Facebook Basic Package and Facebook Advanced Advertising Package.

Facebook Marketing – Advanced Advertising Package 

  • 1 hour workshop
  • Professional Marketing Advice
  • 4 Facebook posts per month
  • Develop Facebook Advertising Objectives
  • Develop lead targeted ads
  • Report insights.

Facebook Marketing – Basic Package 

  • 30-minute workshop
  • Professional marketing advice
  • 4 Facebook posts per month
  • Report insights.

Indigenous people come first

Indigenous business professional

Claystone was founded by Mervyn Fernando an entrepreneur, marketing professional and Indigenous person.

He is a 2017 graduate with Latrobe university in addition completing an undergraduate degree in business, majoring in marketing.

Merv’s life goal is to become a successful Indigenous person as well as Indigenous Marketing professional.

Indigenous business logo

Mervyn makes brand statement

The Claystone brand is representative of First Nations people, in addition the name “Claystone” is symbolic of the land and earth of which Indigenous people have walked for thousands of years. With regard to Indigenous people our brand elements has been fitted with the earthly brown and ochre colours to represent culture.

Our mission

Establish ourselves as industry leaders:

Market leader for small indigenous businesses as well as setting a bench mark for other Indigenous aspires.

Paving the way for future generations is equally important as striving for our own success.

Inspire Indigenous people:

We will encourage voice for our Indigenous people as well as lead by example.

Role modelling success for Indigenous people in addition to closing the gap with mainstreams understandings of Indigenous people.

Empowering Indigenous people:

Share industry knowledge with our people as well as encouraging our fellow Indigenous business community to have a voice of their own.

Educate our people, more importantly in the areas of business and marketing.

Support our market to grow:

Support our Indigenous people in business as well as contributing to the growth of the Indigenous economy.

We work with our people to achieve success as well as achieving success for our company along the way.

Our values

Indigenous people holding hands

Maintain respect for Indigenous People

Respect for Indigenous people has always been key to developing strong relationships therefore we will make this top priority at our company.

Offer Quality services

We aim to deliver outstanding service and premium value for our customers in addition striving for excellence.

Deliver on customers expectations

We are committed to improving our clients business situations in the same way contributing to the entirety of the Indigenous business market.

Strive for success

Everyday at our agency is a day of opportunity to learn, in contrast we value education and strongly believe it is key to success.

Our future

Indigenous person land

Claystone Marketing is set to become the leading Indigenous marketing agency in Australia. We plan to expand across a range of Social Media Marketing services as well as traditional and digital services.